How to fix screen flickering issue in Dark Mode on Samsung devices

Dark Mode is a feature that is very popular across different Samsung smartphones and helps users to use their smartphones for continued hours and minimizes the effect of blue light coming from your phone’s display.

With One UI version 1.0, Samsung introduced the system-wide dark theme called, Dark mode, which later received improvements such as Scheduling. One UI 2 brings an option of dark mode wallpaper and Samsung further improved this feature with the One UI 2.5.

But there may be some issues that may even appear in a feature like Dark Mode. For instance, if horizontal lines appear on your Galaxy phone’s screen or when you are in a dark area in the theme, there is no need to be afraid. This is not a defect and there is nothing wrong with your device.

Samsung‘s AMOLED display uses auto-lighting for every generates pixel. This allows you to see the darkest areas of the screen. However, the drawback of this design is that some areas of the display may show differences in brightness, which appear as horizontal lines on the screen. This is a common feature of AMOLED displays and is not a defect.

Flickering may occur when using Dark mode/Night mode with certain apps. To prevent this issue, make sure to keep your device and app software up to date.

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To prevent this phenomenon, please perform the following which is given below:

Fix 1

  • Adjust the display settings to make the screen brighter.
  • Change your phone’s wallpaper to a brighter image.
  • Turn off Dark mode or Night mode.
  • Set the Motion smoothness to Standard mode.

Fix 2

To resolve the ‘display’ issue kindly follow the given below steps:

  • Reset the device: Settings > General Management > Tap on Reset.

Note: Before reset make sure to have back up of the data via Smart Switch Mobile App

  • Install Smart Switch App > Open > Click on Memory Card Icon >Back Up option > Choose the data for Back up > Back Up.



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