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Samsung Internet: Secure, Private, and Optimized mobile web browser

Samsung Internet is a powerful browser with enhanced security features for Android devices, especially Galaxy smartphones. This application browser provides a safe, secure, speed, and privacy while browsing the internet.

Here’s a look at what makes Samsung Internet browser powerful and secure features.

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The Secret Mode

Samsung Internet Secret Mode offers additional security with iris or biometric authentication. Secret mode never stores your browsing data (including browsing history, search history, cookie, cache, ID/password, and auto-fill data). Using the same level of security as the Samsung Knox, it stores bookmarks and saved pages in a separate location with encryption.

Secure Web Auto Login

Samsung Internet for Android is the only browser that offers login with biometric authentication like iris and fingerprint scanners. It provides a simple but secure way for users to log in to their site.


  • Open New Tab
    •  Touch and hold Tab instantly pop up a new tab.
  • Go To Address Bar
    • Touch and hold the Home.
  • Open Web History
    • Touch and hold the Arrow check your previously visited webpage.
  • Add Bookmark
    • Touch and hold the Bookmarks Add your favorite webpage.
  • Open Internet Settings
    • Touch and hold the Tools to customize internet settings as you want.
  • Switch Taba
    • Swipe the Toolbar switch tabs.

Samsung Internet Extensions

  • Tab Tools on the bottom-right corner.
  • Tab Add-ons.
  • Tab Get more Add-ons.
  • Download extensions you like from Galaxy Store.
  • Find and use extensions listed in Tools

Protected Browsing

One of the main features included in the Samsung Internet is Protected Browsing. Protected Browsing warns you if you are about to visit a scamp website and notifies you on time. Its safety features protect you from malware and phishing websites.

Smart Anti-Tracking

The Smart Anti-Tracking helps to detect and block tracking cookies while you are browsing the internet. This intelligent feature prevents third-party cookies from tracking your activities without compromising your browsing experience.

Ad Blocker

This feature avoids unwanted ads by installing Ad Blockers from a specific section. Get a clutter-free and ad-free clean browsing experience. In addition, it helps to reduce data usage, speed up loading time, and reduce battery drain.

Dex Mode

Samsung Internet is optimized for desktop browsing, providing better productivity on the web with the DeX Mode. When Dex Mode is enabled, Samsung Internetwork as a desktop web browser with all your bookmarks and data from your smartphone.

Video Assistant

The Video Assistant feature allows you to play videos in full-screen mode or mirror the phone screen to other devices to play videos. The controls appear near the video and allow add menu button customizations while giving the flexibility to choose the apps to open video links.

  • Customize menu
    • Your menu, how you want it. Drag and drop to instantly change the order of the Customize menu.
  • Quick access
    • No more searching for your favorite web addresses. Quick access displays shortcuts to the sites you want to visit every time you launch your browser.
  • Samsung Internet Extensions
    • Fun and convenient mobile add-ons. Follow simple steps to unlock an enhanced browsing experience with extras like translation, security, shopping assistants, ad blockers, and more.

Download Samsung Internet on your mobile device for a user-friendly and secure browsing experience. Click here:

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