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One UI 2.1 and One UI 2.5 Tips: How to optimize, clean storage, and memory in your Samsung phone

Samsung Device Management allows you to increase the performance of your device and clear some storage space on your device. It gives you an overview of your battery, storage, RAM, and security. You can automatically optimize your phone for faster and better performance. This article will show you how to optimize, clean storage, and memory in your Samsung devices.

The Samsung Device Management removes unnecessary, temporary, or duplicate files that will save on your device memory.

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Quick Optimization

The Quick Optimization feature improves your phone’s performance by identifying apps that use unnecessary battery power. It also clears away unneeded items from memory, deletes unnecessary files, and closes apps running in the background.

To optimize your phone follow these directions:

  • From Settings, swipe to and touch Device care.
  • Touch Optimize now and then touch Done.

Optimize Battery and Use Power Saving Modes

The battery is your phone’s lifeline. There are several ways you can change the battery settings to optimize your phone’s battery life.

  • From Settings, swipe to and touch Device care. Touch Battery.

To save battery power, you can use different power saving modes. Touch Power mode and then select from the following options:

High performance: Maximum screen brightness and resolution. Uses more battery.

  • Optimized: Get the recommended balance of performance and battery life.
  • Medium power saving: Extended battery life by limiting some functions.
  • Maximum power saving: Save as much battery as possible. You can also access more battery options by touching More Options and then touching Settings.

Back up and restore data by using the Samsung Cloud

You can manage the content that you want to store securely in Samsung Cloud and keep your personal information, app data, and settings safe on your device.  Please backup data like Music, Apps, Documents, Contacts, etc, and access it later.

  • On the Settings screen, tap Settings > Cloud and accounts.
  • Tap the Samsung Cloud.
  • Tab Backup setting.
  • Select data for which back up required and then Tab Backup Now.

Clean Storage

If you are worried about your phone being overloaded with unnecessary residual files.

  • From Settings, swipe to and touch Device care.
  • Touch Storage, and then touch CLEAN NOW to free up storage space.

Clean Memory

If your phone getting slow. Clean up your unnecessary data from your phone’s memory to improve its performance.

  • From Settings, swipe to and touch Device care.
  • Touch Memory, and then touch CLEAN NOW to free up memory by stopping background apps.

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