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Vivo smartphone will use Samsung’s Exynos 1080: Pan Xuebao, executive director of Samsung Electronics



Recently, Samsung has unveiled its latest flagship processor, Exynos 1080. It manufactured using a 5nm technology. As our previous reporting, Vivo should become the first smartphone manufacturer to install Exynos 1080 in its upcoming device.

According to the Korean media, Vivo X-60 5G is expected to launch in the first quarter of next year. It could be powered by Samsung’s Exynos 1080 Soc.

“The new Vivo smartphone will use Samsung’s Exynos 1080, which earned a higher performance score than Qualcomm`s Snapdragon 865,” said Pan Xuebao, executive director of Samsung Electronics` China Semiconductor Research Institute.

Samsung Exynos 1080 has tested on the benchmark and got 693600 points. Exynos 1080 got higher points in comparison to the Snapdragon 865 and Snapdragon 865+.

The benchmark score of Exynos 1080 will go higher after optimization. Its power consumption has been reduced by 50% compared to the previous generation.

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Currently, Samsung doesn’t reveal the details of Exynos 1080 but it is expected that it could support 5G connectivity support.


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Samsung Galaxy A14 loads stunning camera capabilities at budget price



Samsung Galaxy A14 Camera

In the era of user-created content, camera capabilities on a smartphone are everything. Everyone wants to see your epic moments on different kinds of social channels. At Samsung, stunning camera capabilities not only come with the flagship phone, and the Galaxy A14 is a recent example.

“Capturing truly great content is 50% skill, 50% luck, and 100% camera!”

Whether you dream of having a gazillion followers on your channel someday, or you’re a private collector of wonderful memories, camera quality is pretty high on your priority list when it comes to buying your next smartphone.

Selfie x Wefie

In a time where selfie photos and videos are trending, the Galaxy A14 sports a 13MP Front Camera for a huge leap in selfie quality compared to its predecessor. With a 1.6x higher resolution than the previous model, you can put your best face forward.

Samsung Galaxy A14 Camera

Stunning rear camera

At the back of the Galaxy A14, you’ve got the powerful 50MP main camera, which brings every detail to life in the highest resolution on your phone.

Each shot is a masterpiece with incredible details, and you can zoom in on something you want to highlight, then crop it without losing picture quality.

So, at your next lecture, if you’re sitting way at the back of the class and can’t see a thing on the screen, just whip out your phone, and boom, the lesson will become so much clearer.

Samsung Galaxy A14 Camera

Wide and Macro

You can easily switch to your Galaxy A14’s 5MP Ultra Wide Camera for wide and ultra-wide landscapes. Your panoramic portrait or video of the entire stage will ensure nobody and nothing gets left out, not even the curtains.

The Ultra Wide Camera is also the perfect mode for your travel content when you want to show the sprawling scenery. Plus, with so much space, you can play around with stickers and captions to make your content more fun.

As for the introspective among you who love seeing the world up close and personal, your secret weapon is the 2MP Macro Camera. You can capture the tiniest detail like your eyes or the wings of a butterfly and the petals of a flower.

This aesthetic is not only great to showcase the beauty of nature around you, but it’s also ideal for tutorials, make-up, art, cooking, even miniature cooking, and more.

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Samsung Galaxy A54 Packs 10 Flagship Camera Features, Check Here



One UI 5.1 Lock Screen

On March 15, Samsung launched the Galaxy A54 and Galaxy A34 smartphones. Samsung introduces best-in-class camera features with the new Galaxy A54 5G, for the first time in the Galaxy A series. Let’s check which pro-grade camera features the new phone equips.

  1. Nightography
  2. Auto Night
  3. Enhanced Imaging
  4. Improved OIS
  5. Upgraded VDIS
  6. Auto Framing
  7. Precise Focusing
  8. AI Image Enhancer
  9. Photo and GIF Remaster
  10. Object Eraser

Samsung Galaxy A54 Camera Features

For the first time ever, the company brings a best-in-class Nightography [1] feature to the new Galaxy A54 5G. Say good riddance to noisy and blurry nighttime shots because the 56% wider pixel size on the camera allows you to capture vivid and clear photos and videos in low light conditions.

Meanwhile, the Auto Night [2] feature on both the Galaxy A54 5G automatically transitions to ‘night mode’ by measuring the amount of light around the object. Go camera cray awe-night long and relive the wild parties with Galaxy.

Samsung Galaxy A54 Nightography Camera Features

The upgraded Enhanced Imaging [3] feature unlocks blurless night photos and steady, crisp videos. The 1.6x wider OIS [4] mechanically moves the image sensor in response to any shaking detected. VDIS [5] is upgraded to 833Hz, which digitally reduces the level of blurring or distortion in videos caused by unsteady movements.

Furthermore, the device features Auto Framing [6] that automatically adjusts the angle of view and zooms in on up to five people when you’re recording a video. It also offers Precise Focusing [7], which shoots sharp low-light shots and films with 100% All-pixel AF that quickly finds the focus.

Turn any photo and video from drab to fab with the AI Image Enhancer [8] on the Galaxy A54. The enhanced Photo and GIF Remaster [9] makes magic with an improved image detector with a new engine optimised for low light, HDR, noise, and more.

Samsung Galaxy A54 Remaster Camera Features

The newly added GIF Remaster reduces the noise level for clearer GIF quality. Work the enhanced Object Eraser [10] to remove unwanted shadows, reflection, and photobombers with improved segmentation and inpainting performance.

Flagship features at affordable price

Photos and videos capture memories, emotions, and stories that you can relive over and over. Little things you do day-to-day are worth documenting, like catching up with old friends, family game night, a typical day at work, your OOTD, or that TikTok dance challenge.

In a sea of aesthetically perfect Instagram feeds, you need to raise the stakes and create content that will make them go, Awesome! And now, the flagship-like camera capabilities you’ve always been dreaming of comes to the all-new Galaxy A54 5G smartphone.

Samsung A54 A34 Price India

Last but not least, the new A series phones also offer seamless sharing with Quick Share and One Drive so you can keep on editing photos and videos anywhere. The Galaxy A54 is your gateway to premium experiences, with awesome Galaxy flagship features that you’ll absolutely love.

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200MP Samsung Camera: Evolution of 108MP, 50MP, 12.5MP



200MP Samsung Camera

Today, Samsung shared an amazing awareness of its 200MP super high-quality camera. It was launched with Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra and it has evolved throughout the past years.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra takes ultra-high clear photographs that contain a massive amount of details powered by the new ISOCELL HP2 image sensor. It uses a secret recipe for powerful pixel clarity and enhances colors, and pixel structure.

That’s not it, the new HP2 sensor equips pixel binning technology, fast autofocus, and HDR capabilities to enable stunning pixels in an image. However, this evolution in the 200MP camera is not an ordinary one, it’s big. How big?

A 200MP image is 16 times bigger and has 16 times the information than a 12.5MP camera. That’s what we call evolution. The large sensor with lots of pixels allows you to maintain the level of detail in the photograph even after you chop, crop, zoom, or resize. The photograph will try its best not to blur.

Furthermore, the ISOCELL HP2 utilizes an advanced deep-learning algorithm to produce 200MP images with more accurate colors and details.

The new Tetra Pixel technology boasts extra power to the smartphone and ensures optimal quality in photos. It can combine up to 16 individual pixels into one and make it an ultra-large pixel.

Even though it is a 200MP power blaster, Samsung’s latest flagship operates it in different output options of 50MP and 12MP. So you will be able to change the resolution accordingly.

Once launched, the current 200MP Samsung camera phone triggers a 12MP camera by default, which merges 16 pixels into one big pixel. Whenever you need a super large quality sensor, just select it from the top menu of your camera app.

200MP Samsung Camera

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