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Here’s how to fix the error after One UI 3.0 beta update

Samsung has already started the Android 11-based One UI 3.0 beta program for the Galaxy S20 series in the US and Korea last month. The company may soon start the One UI 3.0 beta program for more flagship smartphones.

According to the latest information, after the update of One UI 3.0 beta users may face some errors in Samsung’s default applications. This is due to apps that do not support One UI 3.0 (Android 11), the layout may be cut off or the app may be forcibly terminated.

If any type of error occurs while using the beta, you can report an error on the Samsung Members app or follow the steps given below to fix the error.

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Here are the steps to fix the error after One UI 3.0 beta update:

  • Samsung Music and Samsung related apps forced to close

-If a forced type error occurs in Samsung Music and Samsung’s default app, update the Samsung app to the version corresponding to the latest version of ROS in the “Galaxy Store” and try again.

-If errors continue to occur after that, please report the error along with the log through beta error sending.

  • Vibration feedback not working when using a soft key (gesture)

-After the initial software update if the navigation bar feedback vibration, vibration feedback gestures do not work

-Settings>Sound and vibration>System sound/vibration control>Navigation gestures Turn OFF and then ON again to activate.

  • Problems with the forced shutdown of “ONE UI Home” after hotfix firmware (ZTJ6) update

-After the hotfix firmware (ZTJ6) update, the multitasking switch/home screen when moving to “ONE UI Home” forced shutdown and switching errors can be resolved through temporary measures.

-After launching the multitasking screen-Activate the menu next to the search bar at the top [︙]-Settings-Show recommended apps to temporarily resolve the forced type error.

* Currently, the ZTJ6 firmware has been downloaded from the FOTA server due to an error and cannot be updated. 

  • Text overlap, theme not applied problem

-For text color overlapping and theme issues, please cancel the theme during the ONE UI 3.0 beta period and apply the default theme.

-The existing theme is a theme optimized for Android Q, and in the Android R version, ONE UI 3.0 beta, please apply and use the theme of the Android R version, which has been updated at the time the official version supports it.

-Also, in the Galaxy theme, the theme may not appear blind during the beta period.

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