Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Samsung brings Good Lock apps to more countries

Good Lock gives users the ability to customize the lock screen, edge lighting effects, and everything in between.

According to GalaxyClub (via RPRNA), the South Korean tech giant expanding the Good Lock app and its impressive modules to several European countries. The app should available in Germany, Netherlands, and Switzerland in the coming days/weeks to download from Galaxy Store.

If you are also from a European country, so it will not necessary to download the Good Lock app from third-party websites, you can directly get it from Samsung’s official Galaxy Store app.

Samsung was started releasing the Good Lock app in 2016 as an experimental customization app for limited countries later this becomes a popular platform for the Galaxy users. Samsung smartphone users demanding for a long time to provide the Good Lock app and its modules worldwide. Now it seems that the company is ready to reveal the popular customization app to more regions.

Some of Good Lock’s main modules:

Wonderland: Create moving wallpapers with exciting new animations.

Pentastic: It allows you to personalize how your S Pen responds to you by providing different themes and sound options for features such as Air command and Hover pointer.

Theme Park: This module enables you to manually create a theme of your choice for your Galaxy device.

Edgelighting +: It lets you additional options for edge lighting effect.

NavStar: It gives you a number of options to customize your navigation bar.

Good Lock and its modules work on several Galaxy devices according to their hardware and software capabilities. The app cannot be found on those devices that are running on One UI Core including the Galaxy M series and some Galaxy A series devices.

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We have to wait until Samsung officially introduces Good Lock in Europe or it becomes available in every region. It would be a relevant and significant movement by Samsung to release the helpful apps there.


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