Galaxy Z Fold 2’s foldable display has world’s smallest curvature: Samsung

Recently, Samsung Display announced that it has successfully commercialized a 1.4R foldable OLED with the smallest curvature in the industry. As the world’s first 1.4R curvature foldable OLED display, it effectively improves ease of use by enhancing folding durability and reducing harmful blue light radiation.

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1.4R represents the curvature of a circle with a radius of 1.4mm. The smaller the curvature value, the greater the degree of curvature of the screen. When the curvature (R) value is small, there is no more space in the folded part, and it can be regarded as completely folded. As the third foldable OLED display released by Samsung Display, by reducing the folding curvature to 1.4R, folding screen smartphones can be made more stylish and slimmer.

The display uses a resolution of 2208×1768, the screen size is larger than the previous generation and uses ultra-thin flexible glass (UTG) as the cover. Compared with transparent PI (polyimide) material, UTG is stronger and more beautiful.

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A few days ago, this OLED display was used on the foldable smartphone Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 released by Samsung Electronics.

Generally, when a panel composed of a multi-layer structure is folded, the compressive stress on the front of the panel and the tensile stress on the back of the panel collide with each other, affecting the panel structure, which we call “folding stress”.

Folding stress is closely related to curvature. The smaller the curvature, the greater the folding stress. This is why a folded (folded inward) panel with a smaller curvature is more difficult to develop than a folded (folded outward) panel with a large curvature.

The durability of the screen has been verified by Bureau Veritas, a global certification body. As the first foldable product using a large area UTG, its foldable area is 1.7 times higher than that of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, which undoubtedly increases the difficulty of development. But in the folding test, the screen passed 200,000 folding durability verification.

Also, the screen has obtained the “Eye Care Display” display certification from the global certification body SGS. Its harmful blue light ratio has dropped to 6.5%, which is an extremely low level in the industry and makes users more comfortable with the eyes.



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