Friday, September 17, 2021

Samsung unveiled digital Waterfall-NYC (2021) with d’strict to Times Square

Imagine a moment of complete calm in the heart of a city famous for its power, noise, and endless activity. Visitors and residents of New York City were treated to an unusual refreshment when Samsung Electronics unveiled the state-of-the-art Waterfall-NYC (2021) joint venture d’strict in central Times Square on July 27th.

Coming from an endless advertising space, Times Square visitors were taken to the digital ocean by real waves and waterfalls over 100 meters long as part of a partnership between two South Korean companies to bring digital art to viewers around the world.

To pair Samsung‘s world-class display technology with d’strict’s powerful space-based user experience, Waterfall-NYC (2021) is part of a larger partnership as Samsung expands its focus in the digital art world. The two companies continue to work together to create a variety of Samsung Smart LED Signage content that will showcase some digital artworks while providing valuable information to customers and viewers.

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The height of Waterfall-NYC (2021) is almost three times that of the Waterfalls 90- to 120-meter-long work by the world-renowned artist to install Olafur Eliason in New York in 2008 and made possible by Samsung’s Smart LED Signage. The installation, located in One Times Square, uses four vertical screens for a total of 350 feet (110m)-tall with more than 11,639 square feet (1081 square meters) when combined.

As the home of the New Year’s Eve Ball Drop Celebration for over 100 years, One Time Square is the backbone of Times Square. The venue, owned by international real estate company Jamestown, is one of only two independent buildings that offer clear, unrestricted views from all points between Times Square “bowtie,” which connects Broadway and Seventh Avenues from 43 to 47 Streets.

With an average daily average of between 200,000-350,000 and millions of views received from films, TV, and social media, the property is one of the most visible and visible places in the world. The 350-foot-long digital signage at the front of the building looks forward to giving brands the opportunity to create promotional advertising campaigns that will stand out on many Times Square boards.

To get a glimpse of Samsung and d’strict’s iconic nature-filled Times Square full of Times Square, please see the accompanying video and photos below.


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